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It’s been a long time! Welcome to the new Street Level Records website! It’s nice to finally have a new site with the full catalog of music available for everybody. Everything from the first underground F.T.S. CD, to SLR affiliates Smoke of F.T.S. and Twin-G’s solo albums that were released under other labels, have been absorbed into the SLR catalog. All of the albums that have been out of print and unavailable for many years are available for purchase once again as digital downloads via the SLR store, as well as iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon and many other online retailers around the world. All of SLR’s distribution is being handled by Seattle based distribution and licensing company Oseao Media Group.

As some of the die hard SLR fans know, I (D-Sane) dropped out of the record label game about 6 years ago because I got frustrated with the biz. The music industry is a tough game and it will eat you alive if you let it. I decided to just shut the label down indefinitely so I could focus on my production company, Not 2 Sane Productions, and just do what I love to do…make music. Making music is great, I love it. Selling music and trying to turn a profit blows. And then having to deal with artists egos, attitudes and their personal problems affecting business, just adds to the stress. At this point SLR doesn’t have any “artists” per se, but we are releasing music again and there are quite a few albums on the way!

Up first is Smoke & Dub of F.T.S. – “Street Sense Pt. 1” coming on 9/11/11! The album features Akron, OH representative Ampichino, as well as former SLR stars BD of F.T.S. and Syko. “Street Sense Pt. 2” will be released in several months, but there is no concrete date as of yet. There are also 2 new albums from Twin-G, 2 new albums from Skuntdunanna aka Mafia, solo albums from both Smoke & Dub and more on the way!! Stay tuned for more info!

Street Level Records is back…..servin’ soundtracks for the streets!


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  1. Oddisee,Yo, thanks for the real words. A frined hooked me up with an instrumental mixtape of yours that got jacked from my vehicle…i been looking for it ever since. the track playing in the background of this interview with you is the one joint i would like to get again, as i started playing with singing some lyrics over it and it’s mad nice.if you could send me a link or something i’d appreciate it. and of course, if i ever got to the point where i wanted to use the instrumental on a demo we could discuss payment. what’s the name of the track?yours truly,trevor akaserious trouble

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