The Dysfunctional Family releases tribute song & video called “Father”

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For Father’s Day this year, D-Sane and The Dysfunctional Family decided to drop a tribute song that two of the members, Produk & Scizza Hands, made about their fathers that passed away a few years ago. D-Sane decided they should do a video for it and turn it into a tribute to all of the children that have had to suffer through the pain of losing their father. In particular, they decided to turn it into a dedication/tribute to the children of their personal friends that have been lost recently and who are still in so much pain. Our hearts go out to you and we hope you enjoy the video. Please share this song/video with your friends and family, as I’m sure there are many people out there who can relate to this.

Featuring Jazz Digga
Produced by D-Stone & D-Sane
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by D-Sane
Video shot, directed & edited by D-Sane

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