Sorry for the delay! Goodbye Mac Minati…

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For the past few months, our fans and people within the industry have been wondering what’s been going on with Street Level Records, the lack of updates and the sudden departure of rapper Mac Minati along with all of his music. Well…basically a few days after the release of the “Female Mystique” project on Feb. 14th, it was discovered that Mac Minati was a complete fraud. He had been lying about his entire background and acting career, along with a ton of other faulty shit. Basically, the dude is just a compulsive lying bum. He was also posing as a well known producer with Cash Money Records and catfished me, D-Sane, via email for five months. When it comes to this situation, a lot of people think I shouldn’t focus on the negative. They think I should just sweep this incident under the rug and keep it pushin’, however I don’t agree. As a public service, I think people like Mac Gamer aka Mac Minati need to be exposed. So, in the future, people know who they’re dealing with when they do a background check. Mac Minati’s treachery has cost SLR thousands of dollars, wasted over a year’s worth of business planning and irreparably destroyed several personal relationships. Fakeness has been allowed to run rampant in recent years within Hip-Hop and I think it’s time for the real to start checking these clowns. I have 0 tolerance for fake shit. Mac Minati knew this from day one, so now he will suffer the consequences of his actions. Love don’t live here anymore. We’ve been having a blast shittin’ on him via his Facebook FAN PAGE for months, check it out! lmao

The entire incident is laid out in this video…

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Twin-G’s long awaited album “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” is finally dropping June 4th. It will be available on CD and we are currently taking pre-orders. They will ship as soon as they come back from manufacturing, which should be before the official release date.

Also coming next week from Twin-G & D-Sane is a Mac Gamer/Minati diss track. Stay tuned!


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