The Entire SLR Catalog is Back Online!

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After a 2yr hiatus, the entire SLR catalog is finally back online at all retailers and streaming services! Why was it down for so long? It’s a long story, but basically our former digital distribution company was holding our music hostage and making it difficult for us to move to another distribution company because they’re assholes. I’ve been fighting with them for over 2.5yrs and things are still not entirely settled, but the music is available again.

Several albums that were previously only available through the website as free downloads are now available through all retailers and streaming services. Those albums are:

Syko – Lyrikally Insane (2013 Remaster)
Syko – Amerikkkan Syko (2018 Remaster)
Anonimous AKA Tha Loco – Smile Now, Die Later
Anonimous AKA Tha Loco – My Life, My City
Anonimous AKA Tha Loco – Hustla Style
Skuntdunanna AKA Mafia – Now or Never Vol. 1
Skuntdunanna AKA Mafia – Now or Never Vol. 2


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