September 2012 Update: Videos, Farewells, Music & a New Artist

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Greetings people! Sorry for the delay in updates, we’ve been hard at work in the studio working on all kinds of stuff!

First off, all of the SLR catalog is now fully live and available on almost all major retailers. iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Rhapsody, Spotify, Emusic and many more. It will be on Amazon on Demand and Pandora very soon as well.

There is a new “Video” section under the Gallery tab. We’ve spent months transferring all of this old 8mm tape footage to digital and it has taken forever to find it all, get it recorded into the computer (has to be done in real time), sift through it and get it edited. Quite a few videos have been released already and there are many more on the way. They are coming out in chronological order and we’re just about to hit the Y2K, so there are several more years of footage coming.

Unfortunately, SLR regrets to report that Part 2 of Smoke & Dub’s “Street Sense” series has been cancelled. The project will still be coming out eventually, but SLR will no longer be affiliated with the project. We wish Smoke & Dub good luck with their project though!

There is a brand new F.T.S. – “The Lost 4-Track Sessions” album that is now available for *FREE* download in the Music section. It features the very first 8 songs that F.T.S. ever made together in 1996 and various lost 4-track songs made prior to “Money Motivated.” The first 8 songs were originally recorded on a 4-track analog cassette recorder, but we transferred them to digital recently and completely remixed & mastered them for the best sound quality possible. Check ’em out!

Lastly, SLR will soon be announcing the signing of a new artist and new music on the way from them. Stay tuned!

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