RIP Byrdie

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It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we must report the untimely passing of our brother, Seattle Hip-Hop legend and Full Time Soldier member, Jesse “Byrdie” Watson. Byrdie passed away at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle on December 2nd, 2013. He endured a long battle with cancer that began in 2006 and fought hard all the way until the end. Byrdie had reportedly gone into remission and was declared cancer free in the past few years, but unfortunately it resurfaced again recently and caused nearly irreparable damage to his body. This damage, along with other medical complications is what ultimately led to his passing. Our brother Byrdie will be forever remembered as one of the coldest lyricists to ever grace the stages of the NW music scene, a ferocious battle/freestyle MC, but must of all, for his infectious smile, whit and charming demeanor. You would be hard pressed to find anybody that would have a negative thing to say about him. He will be missed dearly by all that knew him.

We are in the beginning stages of planning a party to celebrate his life. Please stay tuned for details.


    1. I love your comment: & felt compelled to respond & let you know that on the insert of the Poetic Epidemic CD cover, Jesse (Byrdie) takes note to his best friend Tony (my kids’ father) whom was (murdered) to save him some studio time for when he gets up there….so I know for 100% sure that your comment is now a reality 🙂 Thank you for your kind words…God Bless Kelly

  1. Very first time I saw Byrdie perform was at an old building called Ispy way back in the day, he was real and humble and the real deal… sad to hear about his passing, but take comfort in knowing he is up above still rhyming and doing his thang… much love and prayers to his family!! God Bless! Seattle Hip Hop Lives because of originals like Byrdie showing artists how its done!!

  2. I remember seeing him at a De La Soul show probably around ’04 in Seattle. He was definitely down to earth while sharing his excitement for his new album in flight at the time. I probably still have the in-flight flyer he passed me that day. RIP

  3. I just found out about Byrdie’s passing just a couple days ago. Its a big shock to me. When I first arrived in Seattle inna early 2000’s, he was the hottest local hip hop artist on the scene. I worked security at Baltic Room and he was always around passing out fliers & stickers. He was always humble and a nice person. He represented an era in Seattle music that is long gone now. A true Seattle music legend. RIP Byrdie

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