Welcome to StreetLevelRecords.com v5.0!!

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Greetings everyone, SLR.com has had it’s latest makeover to version 5.0! It’s the 5th design since it’s start in 1999. The site is not 100% done yet, as we are still trying to work out a few bugs, but it should be finished by the end of this week. It’s [CONTINUED…]

September 2012 Update: Videos, Farewells, Music & a New Artist

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Greetings people! Sorry for the delay in updates, we’ve been hard at work in the studio working on all kinds of stuff! First off, all of the SLR catalog is now fully live and available on almost all major retailers. iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Rhapsody, Spotify, Emusic and many more. [CONTINUED…]

July 2012 Update: Ditto Music seals distribution for Seattle Hip-Hop label Street Level Records

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Our new distributor was kind enough to announce our deal! http://www.dittomusic.com/dittomusic/BlogPost.aspx?233 Ditto Music seals distribution for Seattle Hip Hop label Street Level Records. Ditto Music have been speaking with the CEO of Street Level Records, Dave Severance III (aka D-Sane), for the last few months and are delighted to confirm [CONTINUED…]

May 2012 Update: Green light!

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A majority of the SLR catalog has gone live on the retail sites, although at this time we’re still waiting on iTunes. There’s a few albums not up yet, but they shouldn’t be far behind.