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Young Vicious – “The Burn Ward” (2006)

  • Release date: July 4, 2006
  • Label: Street Level Records
  • Catalog #: SLR014


The youngest Street Level pit drops his long awaited debut solo album. Entirely produced by West Coast Hip-Hop Award winning producer, D-Sane, “The Burn Ward” is so hot you may need oven mitts to handle it! Wack MC’s listen at your own risk!

Young Vicious (YV) caught the ear of Street Level Records owner, D-Sane, after the urging of a friend to listen to some of his demo music. D-Sane was impressed with YV’s abilities, especially considering the fact that he was only 16 years old at the time, and went to work on a solo album with him. D-Sane’s signature sound mixed with YV’s flammable bars creates the epitome of the 2-0-Sickness. YV is a certified track chopper and spits nothing but heat, as his appropriately titled album suggests…when you listen to Young Vicious, you enter “The Burn Ward!”



01. The Burn Ward
02. The Streets Got A Grudge
03. Bruce Banner Syndrome feat. Crytical
04. Survival
05. Real 2 the Bone
06. She Keeps Callin’ Me feat. Wanz
07. Fatal Wordplay
08. Nightly Routine feat. Notes of Dividenz
09. It Feels Good 2 Be Me
10. Street Level Pits
11. Solitude
12. Lessons
13. Phrase of the Year feat. Skuntdunanna aka Mafia
14. Gone in the Wind