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Syko – “Sykotherapy (Deluxe Version)” (2001)

  • Release date: May 22, 2001
  • Label: Street Level Records
  • Catalog #: SLR004

The 2012 digital re-release of this classic NW Hip-Hop album includes 3 bonus tracks not available on the CD.



Syko, a sick and sadistic lyricist from the Portland streets has escaped the mental ward. There have been reports of sightings in the Seattle area. He is considered dangerous and should be approached with caution. Syko has been spotted with his Street Level cohorts, terrorizing the hip-hop community with his Street Level Records debut “Sykotherapy.” He first made his appearance on I.K.’s album “Kash Me Out” featuring on such songs as “Take My Time” and “Forgive Me,” where he gives you a sample of his deadly rap arsenal. On “Sykotherapy,” Syko brings you into his world and introduces you to his “206 Ways.” He is a “Skilled Savage” with “Intense Kombat” training, “Chozen” to expose these “Fake Figurez” in the hip hop world. Adding insult to injury, Syko invited his label mates to help mutilate your eardrums. Street Level’s own J-Dub, B.D., Byrdie, Smoke and Brazy-J viciously and unrelentlessly attack you with a barrage of venomous lyrics, equipped with side winding metaphors that captivate the listeners.

Syko is far from a new booty in this hip-hop game. He has been putting it down in the underground scene for years and has released three previous projects with the now defunct Warpath Records. With his addictive, raw and uncut music, Syko has become an underground legend with many followers throughout the West Coast. He formed a deadly alliance with Mr. D-Sane, CEO & in-house producer of Street Level Records and co-produced 50% of his album, delivering some of the hottest music to ever come out of the Seattle streets. Check out the cuts “206 Ways,” “If I Had 2,” “Intense Kombat,” “Written Testaments,” “Skilled Savage” and “Fake Figurez”. Honestly there are too many cuts on the “Sykotherapy” album to mention.

Syko parted ways with SLR in 2002 and went on to work with the late, great Mac Dre, amongst many other artists. Syko produced numerous tracks for Mac Dre, including the ground breaking thizz anthem “The Thizzle Dance.” RIP Mac Dre.



01. Intro
02. 206 Ways feat. J-Dub
03. If I Had 2 feat. BD & Wanz
04. Intense Kombat
05. This World of Mine feat. Byrdie & Smoke Dog
06. Legal or Illegal (Remix)
07. Written Testaments
08. I Just Wanna (Fuck You) feat. Smoke Dog, Byrdie & Wanz
09. Skilled Savage feat. J-Dub
10. Sykotherapy
11. Ain’t Shit Changed feat Brazy-J & Byrdie
12. It Gets Greater Later feat. J-Dub
13. I’m Goin’ Thru It
14. Fake Figurez feat. BD & Brazy-J
15. Chozen feat. Byrdie
16. Wordz 2 Live By
17. End Game
18. I Does This (Digital BONUS TRACK)
19. Intent to Kill (Digital BONUS TRACK)
20. Glitch in the System (Digital BONUS TRACK)


Syko – “Sykotherapy” CD

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