Skuntdunanna aka Mafia - "Now or Never Vol. 1" (2012)

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Skuntdunanna aka Mafia – “Now or Never Vol. 1” (2012)

  • Release date: December 25, 2012
  • Label: Street Level Records
  • Catalog #: SLR022

“Now or Never Vol. 1” is the 3rd official solo album from Seattle punch line king, Skuntdunanna aka Mafia. This album is the first of a two part series of unreleased material. This installment features 18 tracks, with 15 songs produced by Seattle Hip-Hop veteran and West Coast Hip-Hop Award winner, D-Sane. The album also features production from Norwegian notable, Big Ice, as well as tracks from Bean One, Apoulo and Mafia himself. “Now or Never Vol. 1” guest appearances include Lac of Respect, Crytical, Mechy La’Velle, Bad Luck and West Coast legends Marvaless, Yukmouth & T-Nutty.



01. Survival feat. Mechy La’Velle (Produced by Mafia & D-Sane)
02. That’s Seattle (Produced by D-Sane)
03. No Sleep [The Time’s Now] (Produced by Bean One)
04. I’ve Been Waiting (Produced by D-Sane)
05. More Hustle (Produced by D-Sane)
06. Mind Over Matter feat. Bad Luck (Produced by Apoulo)
07. Skuntdunanna Pt. 2 [OG Version] (Produced by Mafia)
08. 2 My Niggaz (Produced by D-Sane)
09. Love & Lies (Produced by D-Sane)
10. Karma feat. Miss Chievous (Produced by D-Sane)
11. The Funk iz On feat. Crytical [OG Version] (Produced by Mafia)
12. I Blame U (Produced by D-Sane)
13. As One feat. Lac of Respect (Produced by D-Sane)
14. Rep the West feat. Marvaless, 151, Yukmouth, T-Nutty & Young Bop (Produced by D-Sane)
15. Bring It (Produced by Big Ice)
16. Never Hesitate feat. Bad Luck & Mechy La’Velle (Produced by D-Sane)
17. Barney the Pimp (Produced by D-Sane)
18. Supa Pimp (Produced by Mafia & D-Sane)