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Sarkastik – “No Gimmiks, No Image, Straight Lyriks (Deluxe Version)” (2003)

  • Release date: June 10, 2003
  • Label: Street Level Records
  • Catalog #: SLR009

This “Deluxe Version” contains 2 bonus songs that are only available digitally.



Originally born in Chicago, but raised in the “South Park” area south of Downtown Seattle, Sarkastik caught the ear of D-Sane in 1999 with the release of his first album, “Sarkazm.” After parting ways with the record label that had released “Sarkazm,” D-Sane invited Sarkastik to be apart of several SLR projects that were in the works and develop a working relationship with artists that were on the roster at the time. Sarkastik was such a natural fit into the Street Level camp, D-Sane decided in 2001 to make him a full fledged SLR member and went to work on his 2nd album “No Gimmiks, No Image, Straight Lyriks.” Unfortunately, Sarkastik had legal troubles that ended up landing him in a Federal holding facility for almost a year and his album was delayed until 2003. Once he was released, so was his album and the rest is history!



01. No Gimmiks, No Image, Straight Lyriks
02. I’m (mp3)
03. Blaze Blocks
04. I’ve Been Gone
05. Mr. Troy
06. End of My Rope
07. Therapy Pt. 1
08. My Main Girl feat. The Koalition
09. This Evening feat. 151 & Savell
10. That’s My Dream
11. No 1 Live As Me
12. Underground Success feat. Skuntdunanna
13. Krackin’
14. Infectious Game feat. Crytical & Syko
15. World of Hate feat. Wanz
16. 1 Mo Gin
17. Therapy Pt. 2
18. I’m Right Here
19. The Life I Lead (Digital BONUS TRACK)
20. Moments feat. Francci (Digital BONUS TRACK)


Sarkastik – “No Gimmiks, No Image, Straight Lyriks” CD

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