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F.T.S. – “Keep it Real” (1997)

  • Release date: July 4, 1997
  • Label: Street Level Records
  • Catalog #: SLR000


Recorded in 1997 on a 4-track digital recorder and entirely produced by now legendary Seattle producer, D-Sane, this collection of songs is what set it all off for F.T.S. The reason it says “Keep it Real Records” on it is because D-Sane originally had contemplated changing the name of his record label from Street Level Records to Keep it Real Records, incorporating the popular catch phrase of the time. D-Sane later decided not to name his record label after this fad phrase and changed it back to Street Level Records just before the release of the official “Full Time Soldiers” album in 1998. “Keep it Real” contains the original versions of several songs that ended up making it on to the first F.T.S. album, although some verses and member lineups had been changed when the songs were re-recorded at Shoreline Community College’s studios. The image on it is a map of North Seattle including 85th Street, Shoreline and 44th Ave West in Mountlake Terrace which covered all the areas the various members of F.T.S. lived in at the time, and came from the D-Sane line from “Money Makin’ Tactics” where he says… “From 8-5, to Shoreline, Shoreline to the 44 block.”

Only 50 copies of this CD were ever printed up and it’s definitely a collectors item!



01. Intro
02. Haters
03. Jackin’ Season (OG Version)
04. Until I Die
05. Pimp 2 A Pimp (OG Version)
06. Outta Control (OG Version)
07. P.C.ed Up
08. Block Monster
09. Step Ahead of Death (OG Version)
10. Actions
11. G-Luv
12. It’s Rainin’ Dope
13. Faulty List