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Anonimous AKA Tha Loco – “Hustla Style” (2007)

  • Release date: July 4, 2007
  • Label: Street Level Records / Not Your Average Ent.
  • Catalog #: SLR032

The 3rd album from “Fed Town” (Federal Way, WA) and 253 representative Anonimous AKA Tha Loco. This album is rare, out of print and has been hard to find for many years until now! Featuring dope production from Apoulo & Jay-O of Sea Notes, Roc Phizzle, Muggz and Tryfe, along with appearances from Young Kapo, Doe DaCapo, Tear Drop & Roc Phizzle, and singers Mechy La’Velle and Jay Townsend.



01. Trappin’
02. That’s Talk
03. I Got My Swag
04. Money (feat. Tear Drop & Doe Dacapo)
05. Super, Super
06. On the Grind
07. Ridin’ on 24’s
08. Lookin’ So Fly (feat. Jay Townsend & Roc Phizzle)
09. Real Deal (feat. Mechy La’Velle)
10. Satisfied
11. Short Wit Cheese (feat. Doe Dacapo)
12. Westside (feat. Jay Townsend)
13. Choose Up
14. Cars Ride By
15. Hustla Style (feat. Young Kapo & Mechy La’Velle)
16. Have U Seen Her? (feat. Mechy La’Velle)
17. Supply
18. Fly Whips
19. Some Oohwee (feat. Jay Townsend)
20. Rather Be With You
21. Hold Me Down (feat. Doe Dacapo)
22. To the Starz