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A-Train – “Tha Train Stops Here” (2005)

  • Release date: July 4, 2005
  • Label: Street Level Records / Skunt Muzik
  • Catalog #: SLR012

Raised in the rough & rugged Holly Park neighborhood of South Seattle, A-Train serves it to you real, raw & uncut with his trademark style called “Gun Clap Rap.” Featuring appearances from West Coast legends Killa Tay, Guce, T-Nutty and Seattle super-group Lac of Respect. Featuring production from D-Sane, Roc’phella, Skuntdunanna aka Mafia, Todd Brown and others.



01. You Have a Collect Call…
02. Intro
03. Here Comes tha Train feat. Todd Brown
04. What’s Laccin’?
05. Ya’ll Niggaz Ain’t Ridaz feat. 151
06. No Sleep feat. Dre & Skuntdunanna
07. Jail Skit 1
08. Tired of Livin’ feat. Kevin B
09. Against the Grain feat. Killa Tay & Guce
10. What U Thought This Was? feat. Lac of Respect
11. Groove, Step, Slide feat. Gangsta Nutt & Roc’phella
12. Take My Life feat. Lady Train
13. All Over a Bitch feat. Skuntdunanna
14. When I Hit It
15. My Niggaz feat. Skuntdunanna
16. 4 tha Club feat. Lac of Respect & Todd Brown
17. One Shot Kills
18. Jail Skit 2
19. West Coast feat. T-Nutty
20. World So Cold feat. Chuncc & Skuntdunanna
21. Outro (Say Goodbye to the Bad Guy)