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Eclipse & Tha Loco – “253 Pt. 2 Mixtape” (2002)
151 – “Tha Barz Association Mixtape” (2005)
Skuntdunanna aka Mafia – “Feel Me or Kill Me Mixtape” (2006)
Skuntdunanna aka Mafia – “Hater Capital of the World Mixtape” (2007)
Byrdie – “The People’s Choice Mixtape” (20011)



    1. Yes of course we do. Go to the Discography section and you can use the “Available on CD” sort option to browse through the titles that are still available on CD. Our purchase buttons were broke for a while due to a change by our web host, but they have since been fixed.

  1. Alright thanks. Been a minute and i guess i was too smoked. i got 2 of em. Still lookin to get the FTS album on cd though. the 4th one if you count the 2 1997 albums.

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